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Preventing car lock freezing: Expert tips

Preventing car lock freezing: Expert tips What to do if the lock in the car is frozen (photo: Freepik)

During winter, drivers encounter various issues that require immediate solutions. One common problem is the freezing of car locks. Fortunately, there's a simple life hack to avoid this inconvenience. Here are some insights into preventing car lock freezing according to Grays publication.

How to prevent car locks from freezing

During winter, the locking mechanism of car doors can freeze due to water or snow ingress. To avoid this issue, lubricate the locks by covering the key with Vaseline, inserting it into the lock, and turning it several times. Afterward, wash the key and wipe away excess Vaseline around the lock.

The most effective preventive measure is parking your car under a carport, away from water, snow, wind, cold, and ice.

If water does penetrate the lock, seek assistance from a locksmith or mechanic to address the root cause and prevent recurrence.

Dealing with frozen car locks

In case of frozen locks, use a de-icer sprayed through a nozzle with a long straw. Be cautious to avoid damaging the paintwork, and promptly wipe off any agent that contacts the surface.

Using oil-based lubricants may harm the car's paint, and severe cases may necessitate lock replacement.

Reasons for door jamming

Rubber seal sticking. If the rubber seal becomes wet before closing the door, it may freeze and stick to the metal car. Gently push the door to free it from the ice.

Broken door handle. A broken door handle can be another cause. Try entering the car from another door.

Key fobs and car batteries can contribute to door-locking issues if their batteries die, preventing the transmission of signals to the central lock for door unlocking.

Typically, car and key batteries should be replaced every three to five years. These components are standard replacement parts, and, like all batteries, their performance tends to decline in colder temperatures. If you notice intermittent issues, be aware that the first signs of a problem may manifest a few weeks before a complete breakdown.