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Powerful explosions in Crimea, Crimean Bridge blocked

Powerful explosions in Crimea, Crimean Bridge blocked In Crimea, powerful explosions reported on August 2 (Photo: Getty Images)

In Crimea, powerful explosions occurred on Tuesday, August 2, leading to the closure of the Crimean Bridge by Russian occupiers. Reports of the incident were made in Simferopol and the surrounding areas, as well as in Novofedorivka and Hvardiisk, according to the "Crimean Wind" Telegram channel.


"What's rumbling in Simferopol?" the post reads.


According to the ChP/Simferopol Telegram channel, a very strong explosion and a 'hat' in the air were observed in the Simferopol district, particularly in Hvardiisk.

As reported by "Radio Liberty," it is in this town where the "Hvardiiske" airbase is located. Currently, the airfield is under the command of the Russian Aerospace Forces. The 37th Mixed Aviation Regiment of the Russian Aerospace Forces is stationed here.

Powerful explosions in Crimea, Crimean Bridge blockedThe Russians have not yet commented on the incident, but videos of explosions have already appeared online.


In Novofedorivka, the Russian air defense system was activated.

"It seems like the Russian air defense system was activated. Hopefully, it wasn't successful," states the "Crimean Wind".

Crimean Bridge closure

It is already known that due to explosions, traffic on the Crimean Bridge has been temporarily stopped. According to Crimea Inform, the movement across the Crimean Bridge reportedly came to a halt for approximately 20 minutes, but "currently, the traffic has been resumed."

It has been confirmed that the explosions have temporarily disrupted traffic on the Crimean Bridge.

Explosions in Crimea

Explosions in Crimea have become a recurring phenomenon recently, considering the region is temporarily occupied. On Tuesday, August 1, a powerful explosion was also reported in Sevastopol, heard even in the city of Bakhchisarai, located 30 km away.

In addition, in Hvardiiske, there are also frequent explosions. Apart from the occupant's base, it houses the railway junction of Ostryakovo on the main line between Dzhankoi and Simferopol.

On July 20th, explosions were heard in the settlements of Hvardiiske and Novofedorivka, where the Russian aerodromes are located.