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Polish protesters attack police with paving stones, flares

Polish protesters attack police with paving stones, flares Photo: a large-scale farmers' protest is taking place in Warsaw (Getty Images)

Polish farmers during protests began throwing paving stones and lit flares at police, according to RMF24.

According to law enforcement officials, flares and firecrackers were ignited by farmers outside the office of Prime Minister Donald Tusk during a large-scale protest that has been ongoing in the capital of Poland since early morning.

Some flares, according to law enforcement, were thrown towards the police and the prime minister's office. The crowd was chanting for Prime Minister Donald Tusk to come out to them.

Warsaw police report that protesting farmers pelted law enforcement with paving stones.

"Due to the physical aggression of some of the people protesting at Wiejska Street - towards police officers - it was necessary to use direct coercive measures, " says the capital police on the X.

Currently, it is known that strikes are taking place not only in Warsaw but also in other parts of Poland.

Farmers protests across Europe

In several EU countries farmers and agrarians have staged protests. They are dissatisfied with the green course of the European Commission and demand action from both the EU and their governments.

In France and Poland, protests have reached their largest scales. Polish protesters are also demanding restrictions on the import of goods from Ukraine. On Wednesday, March 6, they organized a large protest in the center of Warsaw.

Furthermore, Polish farmers are blocking the border with Ukraine for both the exit and entry of trucks.