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Polish farmers to expand protests to Lithuania border

Polish farmers to expand protests to Lithuania border Photo: Polish farmers announced protests on the border with Lithuania (Getty Images)

Polish farmers expand their protests. This week they plan to block a checkpoint on the border with Lithuania, says the co-organizer of the protest at the Lithuanian border, Karolis Piečynskis

According to him, the protesters want to stop and check all vehicles that can transport Ukrainian grain or other agricultural products at the checkpoint between the Lithuanian city of Kalvarijos and the Polish Budzisko.

"The protest should start on March 1 at 10 a.m. It will not be a complete blockade of the border crossing point. We, the farmers, together with the Polish authorities, would like to check what is being transported in the trucks, paying special attention to those vehicles that can transport agricultural products," Pechinskins clarified.

At the same time, they will not stop cars, fuel trucks, industrial goods, or trucks with livestock.

"We just want to prove and draw attention to what is happening, because we believe that our interests are being violated, and we do not receive support from anyone. The question of blocking the Lithuanian border arose while considering how to increase pressure on the Polish government," said the co-organizer of the protest.

Blockade of Ukraine border

Polish farmers have been blocking the border with Ukraine for several weeks. They do not allow trucks to pass, thus complicating Ukrainian exports.

Farmers are dissatisfied with the fact that Ukrainian grain transiting through Poland can allegedly remain in the country.

Recently, Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal proposed a five-point plan to unblock the border.

You can find out about the prime minister's proposal in the material of RBC-Ukraine.