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Ukrainian PM unveils five-step plan at Poland border to end checkpoint blockade

Ukrainian PM unveils five-step plan at Poland border to end checkpoint blockade A group of ministers led by Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal is at the Polish border (Photo:
Author: Daria Shekina

Ukraine has developed an Understanding Plan with five steps aimed at unblocking the border with Poland. In particular, it is proposed to establish a tripartite headquarters, according to a statement of Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal during his trip to the border with Poland.

First step

According to the Prime Minister, Ukraine agrees to the restrictions proposed by the European Commission regarding agricultural exports. The measures were presented along with the extension of duty-free trade between the European Union and our country.

This includes products such as poultry meat, eggs, and sugar.

"Ukraine exports these goods to the EU without quotas and duties in volumes not exceeding the average for 2022 and 2023. If we export more, restrictions will be reinstated," explains Shmyhal.

He adds that Ukraine is ready to continue the mechanism of verifying the export of grain, corn, sunflower, and rapeseed to Poland. Without Warsaw's permission, goods will not be sent to the country.

Second step

Shmyhal says that Ukraine wants to propose to the EC to conduct an urgent screening of clusters of agricultural policy and transportation. This is necessary to eliminate manipulations regarding the quality of Ukrainian products.

Such screening needs to start already on March 4.

Also, as the head of the Cabinet clarifies, Ukraine wants full liberalization of trade with the EU.

Third step

Shmyhal states that Ukraine wants to propose to the Polish government to issue a joint appeal to the EC to stop Russian agricultural exports to the EU.

For 11 months of last year, the aggressor country sold agricultural products to Europe worth 2.5 billion euros.

At the same time, the volume of Russian food exports in 2023 increased compared to 2022.

"Russian food exports to the EU are increasing during the war! This is not normal, and it needs to be stopped!" emphasizes the Prime Minister.

Also, according to him, our country plans to propose to the EC to introduce additional restrictions and enhanced monitoring on agricultural imports from third countries, as the issue is not only in Ukraine and it is "fair to look around".

Ukraine also appeals to the EC to launch joint border control between Ukraine and EU countries, as well as to expand the pilot project on exchanging customs information.

Fourth step

Shmyhal says that our country proposes to create a tripartite headquarters: Ukraine, Poland, and the European Commission under the co-chairmanship of the agricultural ministries of Ukraine and Poland and an EU representative. Ukrainian and Polish agricultural associations want to be involved in the work.

Such a headquarters should work around the clock and resolve all misunderstandings between the countries.

The head of the government emphasizes that our country is ready to talk to Polish farmers and officials.

Fifth step

As Shmyhal notes, the blockade of the Polish border threatens Ukraine's national security.

He notes that he is grateful to the Polish government for its position on ensuring the passage of ammunition, military equipment, humanitarian aid, and medical supplies through the border.

"We believe that such an approach should be extended to critically needed fuel for Ukraine," the Prime Minister clarifies.

Shmyhal expects that a decision on the passage of other goods through the border will be made by the tripartite headquarters. As there are currently over 9,000 trucks at the border, the issue needs to be urgently addressed.

"The tripartite headquarters should work around the clock, and the issue of border blockade should be resolved well before March 28 - the date of the joint meeting of the governments of Ukraine and Poland. Otherwise, Ukraine reserves the right to apply reciprocal measures at checkpoints," the head of the government emphasizes.

Border blockade with Poland

Recently, Polish farmers have reinstated the blockade of all checkpoints on the border with Ukraine.

Such actions significantly complicate the export of our country.

More details on the situation at the border are available in the material of RBC-Ukraine.