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Polish farmers to block Medyka - Shehyni tomorrow, threatening stricter restrictions

Polish farmers to block Medyka - Shehyni tomorrow, threatening stricter restrictions Photo: Polish farmers will block 'Medyka - Shehyni' tomorrow, threatening stricter restrictions (Getty Images)

Tomorrow, on January 4, Polish farmers will resume the blockade of the border crossing Medyka - Shehyni, reports Polska Agencja Prasowa.

As noted by the leader of the protesting farmers, Roman Kondrov, the farmers did not receive a written guarantee regarding the fulfillment of their demands, so the blockade of the border crossing will continue.

According to Kondrov, it is about a declaration that the prime minister will sign because he "runs the whole country." In particular, tomorrow at 8 a.m., a press conference will be held near the checkpoint to announce the resumption of the protest.

He emphasized that this time the protest would be more severe. Farmers will allow one vehicle per hour to pass through the queue. Vehicles, buses, and trucks carrying humanitarian aid, military equipment, hazardous cargo, and perishable foods will be allowed.

Among the farmers' demands are:

  • Inclusion of subsidies for corn.

  • Increase in the amount of liquid loans for farmers.

  • Preservation of the agricultural tax at last year's level.

Blockade of the Polish border

On November 6, Polish carriers began strikes at the border with Ukraine. The action was planned to continue until the beginning of January 2024. During the protest, several directions were blocked, allowing only one truck per hour to pass in and out. Later, the "Medyka - Shehyni" checkpoint was also blocked.

On December 22, Ukrainian and Polish officials agreed on an action plan to unblock border crossings.

Polish representatives planned to unblock the border by the end of 2023.