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Poland reacts to Putin's scandalous accusations of starting World War II

Poland reacts to Putin's scandalous accusations of starting World War II Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski (Getty Images)

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is once again accusing Poland of starting World War II. What is surprising is that this accusation is enabled by American journalist Tucker Carlson, says Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski.

"It's not the first time the Russian dictator V. Putin blames Poland, invaded by the USSR on 17.09.1939, for the outbreak of World War II," Sikorski wrote on X.

The minister also adds that "we are used to paranoid justifications for Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2022."

"What’s shocking is that this time they are enabled by an American journalist," says the Foreign Minister.

What Putin said

Today, February 9, an interview with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin by American propagandist Tucker Carlson was published online.

In particular, Putin made scandalous statements about Poland. He claimed that the Poles allegedly provoked Nazi German leader Adolf Hitler to attack.

"The Poles had not given the Danzig corridor to Germany, and went too far, pushing Hitler to start World War II by attacking them," he said, adding "Poland turned out to be uncompromising, and Hitler had nothing to do but start implementing his plans."

Representative of Ukraine's Defence Intelligence Andrii Yusov has already stated that the interview is nothing but a Russian special operation.