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Pistorius requested over €7 billion in German budget to help Ukraine

Pistorius requested over €7 billion in German budget to help Ukraine Borys Pistorius (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)
Author: Maria Kholina

Around 7 billion euros allocated for Kyiv's support in the current federal budget of Germany have mostly been spent or tied to contracts. Less than 200 million euros remain for new supplies in the second half of 2024, citing Spiegel.

Therefore, Defense Minister Boris Pistorius has requested additional funding from Finance Minister Christian Lindner.

Pistorius has already informally informed Lindner that the aid package for Ukraine in armaments needs to be increased by another 4 billion euros in the second half of 2024. The support is planned under the so-called Ukraine Command led by Major General Christian Freuding. Its experts deem it necessary to maintain constant military assistance to Ukraine until the end of 2024.

Spiegel reports that Pistorius intends to use the new funds to deliver more ammunition, urgently needed spare parts, and possibly more Leopard 1A tanks to Ukraine this year.

However, Finance Minister Lindner has urged the federal government to save money. Excessive expenditures, such as an additional 4 billion for Ukraine, are likely to be inconvenient for him. Nonetheless, the defense department considers the supply of ammunition and spare parts essential for Ukraine to continue defending itself against Russia.

Money 'mostly spent'

Previously, Pistorius did not want to delve into the details of internal discussions with Lindner. Ukrainian funds for 2024 are "largely spent and reserved," he said when asked about it. He only indirectly confirmed talks with Lindner about new money. "Currently, we are working on securing additional funds to continue operations this year," the minister said.

As Spiegel notes, the struggle for money for further arms packages comes at an inconvenient time for the federal government. At the NATO summit in Washington this week, Berlin wants to present itself as a steadfast supporter of Ukraine. Pistorius is not the only one who has repeatedly stated in recent weeks that Germany is now the second largest financer of arms supplies after the US. However, supplies from Germany, which have already begun, are likely to end by autumn without new funds.

Germany's military assistance to Ukraine is the second largest after the US. Previously, sources from Bild reported that the Ministry of Defense has allocated a record sum of 15 billion euros in aid to Ukraine for 2025.