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Permanent Representative of Ukraine to UN tells how Russia recruits foreigners for war

Permanent Representative of Ukraine to UN tells how Russia recruits foreigners for war Sergiy Kyslytsya, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN (photo:

The Russian Federation, in an attempt to increase the number of its occupation forces in Ukraine to continue the war, has launched a global campaign to recruit citizens of other states. The Russian Federation resorts to threats and deception for this purpose, according to Sergiy Kyslytsya, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN.

In a statement to the UN Security Council on Threats to international peace and security, a diplomat from the Ukrainian Delegation called on all UN member states to counter the Kremlin's campaign.

"We urge all Member States to trace the Russian recruiters in your countries and take measures to prevent a devastating impact of the Russian crisis on the safety of your citizens. Let’s be clear, Russia is looking for cannon fodder," Kyslytsia said.

The diplomat also cited examples of similar recruitment efforts among citizens of African and Asian countries.

"As reported by international media, Russian authorities have been threatening not to extend visas of African students and workers unless they agree to join the military. Moscow detains foreigners with work visas and forces them to choose between deportation or enlistment into the army," Kyslytsia's publication said.

He added that Russia has also launched a global recruitment campaign, enticing foreign citizens with promises of lucrative jobs, only to send them to the front lines.

"Among the most recent cases is the escape of 22 Sri Lankans who managed to desert from the Russian army and return home. As the spokesperson of the Sri Lanka Defense Ministry described this appalling situation on 11 June, 'They were duped,'" the Ukrainian diplomat said.

Kyslytsia recounted that one of these 22 individuals, a man named Anil Madusanka, confessed to journalists that he had been offered a job as a driver in Russia, but upon arrival, he was handed a assault rifle and sent to the front line.

"After being wounded, he was able to flee to his country’s embassy in Moscow, which arranged for his repatriation," added the Ukrainian representative to the UN.

Russia recruits foreigners for the war against Ukraine

Recently, British intelligence reported that Russia has intensified recruitment of prisoners in Africa. This campaign was initiated by Moscow because the resource of prisoners in prisons had already been exhausted, and Russian President Vladimir Putin fears conducting mobilization.

It was also previously reported that Russia is threatening migrants and foreign students with deportation if they do not agree to join the army and go to war against Ukraine.

Earlier, it was also reported that Russia had recruited tens of thousands of mercenaries from Africa and Asia. Additionally, the Russian Federation is bringing mercenaries from Cuba and Nepal to the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine. Meanwhile, mercenaries from Nepal have begun to desert en masse from the Russian army.

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