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Pentagon to replenish its weapons stockpile by over $6 billion due to aid to Ukraine

Pentagon to replenish its weapons stockpile by over $6 billion due to aid to Ukraine The Pentagon has requested replenishment of its weapons stockpile due to assistance to Ukraine (photo:

The US Department of Defense plans to prioritize replenishing its weapon stocks by $6.5 billion after assisting Ukraine. This includes rockets for HIMARS rocket systems, TOW anti-armor missiles, and night vision devices, according to Bloomberg.

In a document sent to Congress on February 24, the Pentagon informed about the need to replenish stocks of GMLRS weapon components for the HIMARS multiple rocket launch systems by $549 million, purchase TOW anti-armor missiles for $348 million, and night vision devices for $308 million. All equipment and weapons are planned to be purchased from American enterprises in various states.

At the same time, it is noted that this list is only part of the overall list of weapons totaling $10 billion that the US provided to Ukraine from its stocks but later did not receive appropriations from Congress to replenish stocks.

The Pentagon does not exclude that these funds will be included in an additional package of financial assistance from President Joe Biden, which provides for the allocation of $95 billion for assistance to Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel.

US arms deliveries to foreign countries

The US has decided to stop supplying weapons to Nicaragua due to its deepening cooperation with Russia.

Recently, the White House announced a new $300 million military aid package for Ukraine. This is the first military aid package to Ukraine from the US since December 2023. Among other things, it includes artillery shells and GMLRS weapon components for HIMARS.

In early February of this year, a new bill was developed to provide $96 billion in aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. Over $60 billion is earmarked for Ukraine's needs in this bill.

However, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson is refusing to bring the bill to a vote, delaying the provision of much-needed military aid to Ukraine.