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Pentagon to conduct audit of military aid to Ukraine

Pentagon to conduct audit of military aid to Ukraine Pentagon to conduct audit of military aid to Ukraine (Getty Images)

The Pentagon plans to conduct an audit of the U.S. Armed Forces military’s books on aid to Ukraine, according to Breaking Defense.

"The objective of this audit is to determine the extent and impact of the March 2023 estimation change for valuing assets provided under Presidential Drawdown Authority," the Pentagon says.

The office is giving the department and services five days to pick their point people to field questions.

"We may revise the objective as the audit proceeds, and we will also consider suggestions from management for additional or revised objectives. We plan to perform this audit in accordance with the Government Accountability Office’s generally accepted government auditing standards," the statement said.

The audit comes at a time when a political fight is brewing on Capitol Hill over the budget and whether American dollars and weapons should continue flowing to Kyiv. As of Aug. 29, there was approximately $5.75 billion in restored Presidential Drawdown Authority funding that remains available for Ukraine. That figure was reduced by $175 million today when the Biden administration announced a new weapons package bound for Ukraine.

Military aid to Ukraine

The U.S. regularly provides aid packages to Ukraine. For example, on August 14, the U.S. allocated new support of $200 million, including ammunition for anti-aircraft systems, artillery shells, anti-tank weapons, and much more.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Biden administration and its European allies were developing plans for long-term military assistance to Ukraine.