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Pentagon on counteroffensive: Warfare is hard but Ukrainians are remarkable

Pentagon on counteroffensive: Warfare is hard but Ukrainians are remarkable Pentagon says the warfare is hard, but Ukrainians are remarkable (Getty Images)

The current pace of the Ukrainian military counteroffensive is explained by very challenging conditions. The warfare is so hard, and the Ukrainian troops are remarkable, as the Director for Operations of Joint Staff at the Pentagon Lt. Gen. Douglas Sims said at a press briefing.

"They're using new equipment and they're doing that all while being shot at and bombed, and if you've seen in other places, extensive mining that the Russians have put in place. And so where they are gaining hundreds of meters a day, maybe a kilometer a day in some places, they're doing that at great cost in terms of effort," Sims said in response to a question about the pace of Ukraine's advancement.

He added that "Ukrainians are really making a go of it in great order across the battlefield" but it may not be at the speed that US would prefer.

"So this is hard warfare, it's in really tough terrain, it's under fire, and really, when you consider all of that, it's pretty remarkable," Sims added.

Counteroffensive by the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Since the beginning of summer, the Ukrainian military initiated active actions on several fronts. They have already managed to liberate up to 10 settlements in the southeastern part of Ukraine.

There is also success near Bakhmut - the troops are advancing in the south and north of the city. Currently, Ukraine's army took dominant heights near the city and set its fire control there.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy acknowledged that the pace of the counteroffensive is slower than desired.

Estonian intelligence has predicted that Ukraine may expect significant success on the front.