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Ukrainian Armed Forces approaching major success on the frontlines

Ukrainian Armed Forces approaching major success on the frontlines Margo Grosberg (
Author: RBC Ukraine

According to ERR, the head of the Estonian Defense Forces Intelligence Center, Colonel Margo Grosberg, said that operations by Ukrainian military during the counteroffensive and signs of difficulties for Russian forces indicate that the Ukrainian Armed Forces can expect a significant success on the front.

During a briefing at the Estonian Ministry of Defense, Grosberg spoke about the tactics of the Ukrainian military, who are destroying command posts and logistical centers of Russian forces with precision strikes, as well as their successes in the areas near Bahmut. He also reminded that Russia is depleting its reserves.

"All of this indicates that the Ukrainians are close to success," said Grosberg.

He noted that the preparatory offensive operations currently conducted by the Defense Forces are aimed at encircling Russian units in narrow areas and finding weak points for a breakthrough. With the same goal in mind, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are targeting important transportation hubs, logistical points, and command centers of the Russian army in the rear.

Situation in the East of Ukraine

Grosberg also revealed that Ukrainian defenders near Bakhmut have been able to seize key areas of the terrain to the north and south of the city. This enables them to conduct artillery strikes and control the roads leading to Bakhmut. It also hampers the resupply of Russian units.

The head of the Estonian Defense Forces Intelligence Center emphasized that the Russian airborne troops deployed in Bakhmut since spring are suffering losses and cannot be relocated or withdrawn to reserves.

He said that the Russian Airborne Troops are an elite Russian unit, whose fighters have high morale. Therefore, this strategy of attrition is affecting their motivation.

"At some point, this should lead to greater success," Colonel Grosberg believes.

Situation in the South of Ukraine

Grosberg noted that Ukrainian units have expanded their occupied territory and are destroying key targets in the Zaporizhzhia and Velyka Novosilka regions with precision strikes.

For example, the colonel mentioned the attack on a hotel in Berdyans'k, which resulted in the killing of the deputy commander of the Russian Southern Military District, Lieutenant General Oleg Tsokov.

Grosberg also mentioned the dismissal of Russian General Ivan Popov, presumably due to his criticism of the Russian General Staff and leaks about the situation of the 58th Army under his command. According to Popov, the units are staying on the front line for a very long time without rotation, and in addition, military personnel are dying in large numbers due to artillery.

"All of this indicates that the reserves of the Russian Federation are depleting, as the units are not being rotated," Grosberg noted.

He also added that in the northeastern region, specifically in the Svatove and Kup'yans'k directions, Russian forces have launched the largest number of strikes and achieved certain successes, but they are still far from a tactical breakthrough. The objective of the pressure there is to force Ukraine to transfer forces from Bahmut and other areas where they have achieved success.

Successes of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the front

According to the General Staff's data, the Defense Forces continue their offensive actions in the Melitopol, Berdyans'k, and Bakhmut directions. They are achieving certain successes and consolidating their positions.

Our defenders are advancing to the north and south of Bakhmut. The Ukrainian command reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces could surround the city tactically, which would allow for control over the actions of the occupier.

Meanwhile, the offensive operation continues in the Melitopol and Berdyans'k directions. Over the course of a week, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have advanced by 1,700 meters in the Melitopol direction.

Our soldiers are advancing in the directions of Novodanylivka, Shyroka Balka, Mala Tokmachka, and Novopokrovka.