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Pentagon explains prioritizing Ukraine for Patriot missile supplies

Pentagon explains prioritizing Ukraine for Patriot missile supplies Фото: ЗРК Patriot (Getty Images)
Author: Liliana Oleniak

The United States has reprioritized the nearest sales of Patriot and Nasams missiles to other countries in favor of Ukraine. This means that Ukraine will receive these missiles at an accelerated pace to protect its infrastructure, which Russia is trying to destroy before winter, according to Pentagon spokesperson Pat Ryder.

Pat Ryder says that, in practice, this would mean that Ukraine's stockpiles would be replenished faster, allowing them to continue protecting their critical infrastructure and civilians as winter approached.

He also notes why this decision was made now and not earlier. According to him, this happened due to the intensification of Russia's attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

The Pentagon spokesperson explains that Russia was once again attempting to destroy Ukraine's energy system and infrastructure before winter, creating an urgent need for additional air defense equipment. He mentions that Secretary Austin had also addressed this issue. The spokesperson emphasizes that the accelerated delivery of additional missiles to Ukraine was crucial for survival, and this urgency prompted the decision to change the planned delivery of critical air defense missiles to Ukraine soon.

The United States has authorized the Armed Forces of Ukraine to use American weapons against Russia near all border regions of Ukraine from where the Russians are attacking the country.

The first F-16 fighter jets provided to Ukraine, which are expected to arrive in the summer, will protect Kharkiv from Russian strikes.