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Partisans identified location of occupant forces in Bakhchisarai

Partisans identified location of occupant forces in Bakhchisarai Partisans identified the location of occupant forces in Bakhchisarai (photo: Getty Images)

Partisans claim to have discovered a base housing personnel of the Russian Armed Forces in Bakhchisarai, Crimea, according to the partisans from ATESH.

According to the partisan information, they managed to identify a fuel tanker moving from the Tavrida highway towards Bakhchisarai. Currently, it is known to be one of the locations of Russian military personnel in the city.

The building with Russians is purportedly located on Serova Street 13.

Photo: Russian base in Crimea (

Russia's defense in occupied Crimea

Russian occupiers, seeking to protect the Sevastopol bay from Ukrainian attacks, are employing powerful electronic warfare (EW) means. These EW activities are so intense that their effects are noticeable even from space.

After Ukraine declared the Crimean Bridge a legitimate target for strikes, escalating attacks on the peninsula, the occupiers hastily focused on its defense. In response, the Russians constructed new positions for air defense systems in the temporarily occupied Crimea. However, this doesn't fully prevent Ukrainian attacks.

Russian occupiers have also fortified firing positions directly on the beaches of Yevpatoria, dug trenches, and erected barriers in Sevastopol Bay and around the Crimean Bridge. However, a recent storm in Crimea not only washed away the trenches on Yevpatoria's coast but also destroyed barriers protecting the Kerch Bridge and Sevastopol Bay from attacks.