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Over €100 million a year: Details of security agreement with Estonia revealed

Over €100 million a year: Details of security agreement with Estonia revealed Estonian President Alar Karis (Photo: Getty Images)

Estonia will provide Ukraine with 100 million euros in military aid per year, according to ERR.

A draft of a bilateral security agreement with Ukraine has been circulating among Estonian officials and politicians for some time.

The report states that the document's content will not be disclosed until it is signed. However, it is known that the agreement will be designed for 10 years and will encompass broader cooperation between Estonia and Ukraine.

Estonia's minimum commitment to allocate 0.25% of its GDP to military aid for Ukraine will be in effect until 2027, totaling around 450 million euros over these four years.

The report also notes that the payment for 2024 has already been made to Ukraine.

Security commitments

Ukraine has significantly strengthened its security by signing agreements with more than ten countries. These agreements, designed for ten years, assist Ukraine in various areas, including the economy, defense, and other critical sectors.

Each agreement's specific commitments vary, reflecting each partner's capabilities and characteristics.

However, all these agreements share a common goal: supporting Ukraine's pursuit of peace, prosperity, and stability.

Recently, Ukraine has signed agreements with Norway, Iceland, and Sweden.