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One more EU country to join mission against Houthis in Red Sea

One more EU country to join mission against Houthis in Red Sea Illustrative photo (Getty Images)

Belgium will join the European mission against the Houthis in the Red Sea, reports Le Soir.

From a practical standpoint, Belgium will deploy the frigate Louise-Marie to participate in a European defense operation. Three missions are envisaged: maritime reconnaissance (gathering information about the situation), escorting, and protecting trade vessels.

Belgium's decision entails that the mandate and rules of engagement, as determined at the European level, are yet to be approved by the government.

Strike on Yemen

On the night of January 12, the United States and the United Kingdom jointly launched strikes against Houthi targets in Yemen. The operation involved aircraft and ships, targeting weapons storage centers and Houthi training bases. One of the strikes caused a fire, and footage of it surfaced online.

Following this, Washington and London carried out additional strikes on Houthi targets.

For more details on the U.S. and UK attack on the Houthis, refer to RBC-Ukraine's coverage.

Previously, we reported on who the Houthis are and why they are attacking ships in the Red Sea.

Additionally, Germany will send the frigate Hessen to the Red Sea as part of the EU mission against the Houthis.