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Number of civilians in captivity of Russians in Zaporizhzhia region

Number of civilians in captivity of Russians in Zaporizhzhia region The Mayor of Melitopol disclosed the number of civilians held captive by Russians (photo: GettyImages)

Ivan Fedorov, the Mayor of Melitopol, stated the number of civilian residents who have been taken captive in the temporarily occupied Zaporizhzhia region.

Currently, approximately 500 individuals are held captive in the temporarily occupied territories of Zaporizhzhia region. Russia refuses to release both military and civilian captives.

"Today, almost 500 residents of the temporarily occupied territories of Zaporizhzhia region are in captivity. According to statements from their relatives, these individuals are registered for exchange, but the enemy is extremely reluctant to exchange both military and civilian captives," he said.

Fedorov also mentioned that at least 10 citizens of Melitopol are facing legal proceedings in the territory of the Russian Federation, including the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

"We know that today at least ten residents of Melitopol are being tried. Some are being judged in Rostov, some in Moscow, and some in the occupied territory of Crimea," stated Fedorov.

According to the Mayor of Melitopol, Russia is attempting to intimidate the inhabitants of the occupied South to discourage resistance. Secondly, he believes that the occupiers are trying to apprehend organizers of the resistance.

The Mayor of Melitopol reported that on the occupied territories, students from pseudo-medical institutions are forced to work in military hospitals and provide assistance to wounded Russian soldiers. Additionally, in one of the schools, students are urged to limit communication with friends in the territories controlled by Ukraine.

The situation in the Zaporizhzhia region

Earlier, we reported that in the temporarily occupied Berdiansk, the occupiers intensified mobilization efforts, even involving employees of municipal services in the process.

It has also been revealed that in the occupied Tokmak, Russians were searching for informants within the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to the National Resistance Center, the enemy conducted searches in nearly 300 premises.