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Not only Dominican Republic: Scenic Caribbean islands to visit this year

Not only Dominican Republic: Scenic Caribbean islands to visit this year Photo: Vacation in the Dominican Republic (

Vacationing in the Caribbean during the winter has become a tradition for some and a dream for others. In addition to well-known destinations like the Dominican Republic and Mexico, there are several other islands worth considering.

Which Caribbean islands have experienced travelers recognized as the best in 2023? Read on RBC-Ukraine, citing Travel off Path.

Dominican Republic – the most popular destination in the region

One of the most famous exotic destinations for a winter seaside vacation is the Dominican Republic on the island of Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic is considered the most popular resort in the Caribbean region.

The fantastic nature is combined with high-quality service; most of the resorts on the island are part of international chains and offer all-inclusive packages.

The Dominican Republic is located in the tropics, so you can enjoy paradise beaches year-round. However, from May to autumn, you might encounter the "rainy season." In September and October, you may experience monsoons and hurricanes, with beach weather typically returning in November.

During this time, the water temperature remains around 27 degrees Celsius, daytime temperatures reach 30 degrees, and nighttime temperatures drop to 22 degrees.

Not only Dominican Republic: Scenic Caribbean islands to visit this year

Photo: Beach in the Dominican Republic (

A vacation in the Dominican Republic includes white sandy beaches with palm trees and crystal-blue seas, complemented by excursions to colonial landmarks. For adventure seekers, there are islands with waterfalls, lagoons, cliffs, and mangrove forests. In the Samana Peninsula, tourists can observe dolphins, manatees, and humpback whales from January to March.

Other Caribbean islands worth visiting for the perfect getaway

The renowned magazine Condé Nast Traveler conducted a survey among over half a million readers to determine the best islands in different parts of the world in 2023. Here is a list of the five best locations in the Caribbean according to experienced travelers.

  • St. Barts

The Caribbean island that impressed travelers the most is St. Barts (Saint Barthélemy), known for its breathtaking views, luxury, and exclusive atmosphere. This island is part of the Lesser Antilles, and its residents speak French.

Not only Dominican Republic: Scenic Caribbean islands to visit this yearPhoto: St. Barts Island (

Tourists relax on the white sandy beaches of Saline, St. Jean, and Colombier, and while visiting the city, they enjoy art galleries, boutiques, and gourmet restaurants in the streets of Gustavia.

  • Anguilla

Although one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean basin, Anguilla attracts visitors with untouched beaches, luxury resorts, and world-class cuisine. The island is famous for dishes made from lobsters, crabs, and fish.

For tourists seeking a pampering vacation this season, Anguilla is the epitome of Caribbean relaxation. Must-visit beaches include Shoal Bay, Meads Bay, and Captain's Bay.

  • St. Lucia

The island of St. Lucia can be considered a gem of the Eastern Caribbean basin. Tourists are captivated by stunning landscapes, vast tropical forests, and a romantic atmosphere.

During your stay on the island, you should visit the famous volcanic peaks, the Pitons, which rise from the sea and are a unique symbol of St. Lucia.

Not only Dominican Republic: Scenic Caribbean islands to visit this yearPhoto: St. Lucia Island (

To see something unique, a visit to the Caribbean's only volcano, Sulfur Springs, is worth it. You can witness the island's geothermal activity and take a mud bath in the therapeutic waters.

  • Turks and Caicos

The archipelago of Turks and Caicos, with over 40 islands and reefs, can be considered the embodiment of a dream vacation in the Caribbean.

Beach lovers will have the best time on dozens of white sandy beaches, including Grace Bay, Pine Cay, and East Caicos. Adventure enthusiasts will find opportunities for diving and underwater swimming.

For the most exhilarating experiences, you can head to the Blue Hole in Providenciales or dive into the fascinating underwater walls of Grand Turk Island.

Not only Dominican Republic: Scenic Caribbean islands to visit this yearPhoto: Turks and Caicos Islands (

  • Nevis

This island is located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea and is a lesser-known sibling of St. Kitts. Nevis offers an authentic Caribbean atmosphere combined with traditional comfort.

Nevis features both unspoiled beaches and lush tropical forests, along with a wealth of historical landmarks. What truly sets this island apart from others in the archipelago is its peaceful atmosphere.

Tourists are recommended to take a quiet sunset stroll along the Caribbean shores or plan a hike to the Nevis Peak. The journey through the dormant volcano is as challenging as it is breathtaking, but the views at the end of the route are well worth it.

After a long day of exploration, you can settle down in Charlestown, the island's capital. There, you can explore the architecture of the colonial era, the Alexander Hamilton Museum, and numerous plantation houses.

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