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Beaches all year round: Resort in Maldives for every budget

Beaches all year round: Resort in Maldives for every budget Landscape in the Maldives (Photo:

In the cold season, some tourists are accustomed to traveling to exotic countries to spend their vacations on sunny beaches with warm waves. One of the most beautiful destinations remains the Maldives.

RBC-Ukraine tells how to choose a resort and which islands can be visited on a budget, according to The Travel and

What you need to know when planning your first vacation in the Maldives

Vacationing in the Maldives is associated with luxury due to the wide selection of hotels and exclusive resorts. The pristine beaches, turquoise water, and perfect climate attract families with children, romantic couples, and lovers of active recreation. Everyone can find a resort to their liking and budget.

The Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean, about 700 km from Sri Lanka. The Maldives Republic consists of over a thousand islands grouped into 26 atolls. All islands have an area of up to 13 sq. km. Only 203 islands are inhabited.

The center and capital of the Maldives is Male. About a third of the Maldives population lives on this urban island. The local religion is Islam, which should be considered when visiting and relaxing on islands with citizens (for example, topless sunbathing is prohibited).

Beaches all year round: Resort in Maldives for every budget

Photo: Island resorts in the Maldives (

The average air temperature in the Maldives is 28 degrees Celsius (27-29 degrees in different months), and the water temperature is 27-28 degrees. The tourist season lasts from November to April, which is dry and sunny.

What to consider when booking a hotel in the Maldives

The location of the hotel is crucial. For a short vacation, you should choose a hotel near Male Airport. This will save time and money. It is also worth checking the vicinity of the resort: nearby beaches, diving spots, and landmarks. You can check the hotel on Google Maps.

Reviews will help you decide on a hotel from the list you have pre-selected. Usually, location photos embellish reality, and information about the service can only be obtained from the experience of other guests.

Resorts for a quiet vacation are more expensive. Although tourism in the Maldives mainly offers the atmosphere of a deserted island, cheaper hotels will be filled with families with children.

A water villa will be a much more expensive accommodation option at the resort than a garden view room. The luxury is usually situated on stilts in the lagoon. Such a room will be equipped with a bathtub, a private pool, and a stereo system.

An exclusive resort will provide special attention to the guests. For example, staff may greet you on the pier. The room will have a wide range of towels and various shower facilities. The guest will also have a private pool in the room. The room will be cleaned every time the guest leaves.

Islands for complete seclusion. In the Maldives, you can stay on a private island that will have its boat with a captain. On some of the best islands, there are underwater restaurants.

Beaches all year round: Resort in Maldives for every budget

Photo: Villa on the water for privacy (

Which islands to choose for a budget vacation

Travelers with different income levels can afford to relax amid picturesque tropical nature. After all, the cost of accommodation can be quite modest, especially when choosing guesthouses instead of hotels.

Here is a list of islands where you can budget and interestingly spend your vacation.

  • Rasdhoo - the administrative center of the Northern Ari Atoll. The island has a beach, shops, and eight diving schools.
  • Mathiveri is a small inhabited island in the western part of the Maldives. There are three beaches, budget hotels, and necessary infrastructure.
  • Fuvahmulah - the "Maldivian Galapagos." Underwater swimming here is one of the best in the world. This island has unique places for tourists. In other locations, you will have to respect the religious views of the citizens.
  • Maafushi is near Male Airport, which can be reached by ferry, speedboat, or plane. The island has white sandy beaches, inexpensive hotels, budget restaurants, and cheap accommodations.

Beaches all year round: Resort in Maldives for every budget

Photo: Vacation on the island of Maafushi (

  • Diffushi - a budget island with a local population, with two bikini beaches, shops, and cafes.
  • Dharavandhoo - an island in the Baa Atoll, chosen by loving couples and families. There is diving on colorful reefs and wedding ceremonies. The island has many options for budget accommodation.
  • Ukulhas on the far outskirts of the Northern Ari Atoll offers a wide choice of budget hotels and guesthouses and captivates with authentic island culture.
  • Omado - a small fishing village in the center of the Ari Atoll, where you can enjoy a quiet rest and diving, as well as appreciate the local culture. There is one beach where you can swim in a bikini. The choice of accommodation is small, but there are enough guesthouses and restaurants.

When choosing an island for a vacation, you should inquire about the cost of transfers. Getting to your resort by speedboat can cost from $35.