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Norway to transfer CORTEX Typhon systems to Ukraine

Norway to transfer CORTEX Typhon systems to Ukraine Norway to provide Ukraine with CORTEX Typhon systems (Photo: Getty Images)

Norway will supply Ukraine with anti-drone systems. The delivery consists of multiple CORTEX Typhon systems, according to the press release from Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace has signed a contract with the International Fund of Ukraine (IFU), led by the United Kingdom, to supply unmanned aviation systems to Ukraine.

"The delivery consists of several CORTEX Typhon systems designed to counter a wide range of aerial threats by causing physical damage or neutralizing the threat in other ways," the statement reads.

The contract's value is 56 million pounds sterling or approximately 750 million Norwegian kroner.

"This delivery will significantly enhance Ukraine's capabilities in countering drones and help protect the population and infrastructure of Ukraine," said Eirik Lie, CEO of Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.


The CORTEX Typhon C-UAS unmanned aerial vehicle is developed based on the software and hardware components of Teledyne Flir and Kongsberg, including the Kongsberg Observation System and Remote Weapon Station (RWS), as well as the integrated Combat Solution (ICS) CORTEX.

The United Kingdom and international partners established the IFU to identify and acquire critical assets and swiftly deliver them to Ukraine. Norway and the United Kingdom are among the many countries that have contributed to this fund.