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North Korea may have sent 1.6M shells to Russia in six months - WP

North Korea may have sent 1.6M shells to Russia in six months - WP Photo: Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un (kremlin ru)

North Korea could have transferred approximately 1.6 million artillery shells to Russia over six months, informs The Washington Post.

The publication analyzed data provided by the non-profit organization focused on global security, C4ADS. They indicate that from August 2023 to January 2024, over 74,000 metric tons of explosives were shipped from North Korea to Russia. These cargoes were distributed from two ports in Russia's Far East to 16 facilities predominantly along the country's western borders near Ukraine.

It is emphasized that this weight equates to approximately 1.6 million artillery shells of the type Russia has used in its war against Ukraine. According to C4ADS, the sites receiving these shipments noted them as ammunition, although their documentation labels them as explosives.

As reported by The Washington Post, Russia, facing depleted ammunition stocks, relies on its few allies, while isolated North Korea seeks ways to earn money. The "comprehensive partnership" agreement between the Russian and North Korean dictators provides formal grounds for the supply of munitions from North Korea to Russia.

The publication adds that Kim Jong Un provides the strongest support to Vladimir Putin among all world leaders.

North Korean assistance to Russia

Ukrainian intelligence previously stated that North Korea supplies artillery ammunition to Russia. Additionally, North Korea has provided rockets to the Russian army, which Ukraine has identified as already being used, including in strikes against Kharkiv.

Recently, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin traveled to North Korea, where he met with Kim Jong Un. More details about Putin's visit can be found in RBC-Ukraine's article.