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North Korea launches cruise missiles into the Yellow Sea, Yonhap

North Korea launches cruise missiles into the Yellow Sea, Yonhap North Korea launched cruise missiles (Photo: Getty Images)

The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Republic of Korea stated that North Korean military forces conducted the launch of several cruise missiles into the Yellow Sea, located between China and the Korean Peninsula, Yonhap reports.

According to the South Korean news agency, this launch took place just three days after North Korea fired two ballistic missiles into the sea on the opposite coast.

South Korean military officials pointed out that their country's intelligence agencies, along with the United States, have been analyzing the launches to gather more information about the type of missiles fired and other details.

"Our military has bolstered surveillance and vigilance while closely cooperating with the United States and maintaining a firm readiness posture," said the United Committee of Chiefs of Staff.

South Korea also added that its military is closely monitoring North Korea for any further actions.

It is noted that Pyongyang's missile launches come amid growing tensions on the peninsula.

Rocket launch by North Korea

North Korea conducted weapon tests last week, which were identified as tests of an improved long-range missile. Recently, Pyongyang also threatened to shoot down a U.S. military reconnaissance plane, claiming it was spying near North Korean territory.

It was also reported that before the launch of the missiles towards the East Sea on July 19, North Korean forces launched a ballistic missile towards the Sea of Japan on July 12, and repeated the test a day later.

In response, the United States and South Korea condemned such actions and conducted training exercises with a strategic bomber.