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No turning back for Putin's relations with Britain - Cameron

No turning back for Putin's relations with Britain - Cameron David Cameron, UK Foreign Secretary (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Following Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, relations between Britain and dictator Vladimir Putin are at a point of no return, according to British Foreign Secretary David Cameron.

"I think with Putin - absolutely not. When I became prime minister, we had difficult relationship with Russia, and I thought it was right to try and see if we could build more of a relationship, but ultimately it broke down over what Russia did in Syria, over what Putin did in Ukraine back in 2014," the minister said.

He further added that after he stepped down as prime minister of Britain in 2016, Putin began to behave even worse.

Relations between Russia and Britain

As reported by The Guardian, Britain has been accused of aiding Russia in financing the war by continuing to import record amounts of refined oil from countries that refine the Kremlin's fossil fuel.

According to Desmog's analysis, in 2023, imports of refined oil from India, China, and Türkiye reached a record £2.2 billion, compared to £434 million in 2021.