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Night attack on Ukraine: Southern Defense Forces detail aftermath

Night attack on Ukraine: Southern Defense Forces detail aftermath Photo: Natalia Humeniuk, head of the joint coordination press center of the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine (Getty Images)

Russian terrorists continue to terrorize the frontline territories in southern Ukraine. This night, on December 30, the enemy once again launched drone attacks and conducted artillery shelling in the Kherson region, reports the head of the Unified Coordination Press Center of the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine, Natalia Humeniuk, during a television marathon.

According to Humeniuk, during the Russian strikes, UAVs were used. The attack was focused more on the frontline territory, specifically in the Kherson region, and avoiding hits was unsuccessful.

"It was impossible to avoid hits because the enemy was heavily showering these barraging projectiles. However, hits occurred mainly in those populated areas where almost everything is destroyed. The enemy just continues terrorizing. There are also hits in the city of Kherson itself - an administrative building of one of the enterprises and several cars. Fortunately, no information about casualties has been received," noted Humeniuk.

At around 04:30, the Russians shelled the region with artillery. The consequences of the strikes are currently being clarified. Our soldiers, in particular, shot down a Shahed UAV over the Mykolaiv region and two more over Kherson.

The attack lasted for almost 4 hours. The duration is explained by the fact that the Russians attempted to bypass defense systems and anti-aircraft defenses in the south.

It's worth adding that in the morning, the General Staff of the Armed Forces reported that during the night, the enemy used 10 Shahed UAVs against Ukraine. Our anti-aircraft defense managed to "land" 5 drones.

The situation in the Kherson region

After the liberation of the right bank of the Kherson region, a part of the region is under constant shelling by occupiers. Russians are targeting the civilian population with heavy weaponry, artillery, and aviation.

As reported by the head of the Kherson Regional Military Administration, Oleksandr Prokudin, on the past day, December 29, Russians carried out 108 shelling incidents in the region. In total, 536 shells were fired, including from mortars, artillery, Grad systems, tanks, ZU-23-2, aviation, and UAVs, among which were 8 Shahed drones. In the direction of Kherson, 24 shells were fired.

During the shelling, terrorists targeted:

  • Residential quarters in settlements of the region.
  • Humanitarian headquarters in the Beryslav district.
  • Critical infrastructure object, dormitory, and elevator maintenance organization in Kherson.

"Due to Russian aggression, 5 people were injured," Prokudin explained.