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Niger junta terminated military agreement with United States

Niger junta terminated military agreement with United States Photo: Niger's junta has terminated the military agreement with the US (

The government of Niger has terminated a military agreement with the United States, which allowed US military personnel and civilian personnel of the US Department of Defense to stay in the country, informs Reuters.

This decision came after the visit of US officials to the country this week, led by Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Molly Phee. The delegation also included General Michael Langley, the commander of the US Africa Command.

Representatives of the junta claimed that the US delegation allegedly did not adhere to diplomatic protocol and that Niger was not informed about the composition of the delegation, the date of its arrival, or the agenda.

As of last year, there were approximately 1,100 American military personnel in Niger. The US Armed Forces are stationed at two bases. One of them, known as Air Base 201, is used for drone deployment. The Pentagon invested over $100 million in its construction.

Since 2018, the base has been used for surveillance and strikes against militants of the Islamic State and Al-Qaeda affiliates in the Sahel region.

State сoup in Niger

At the end of July 2023, the security forces of Niger's President Mohamed Bazoum staged a state coup. They took the head of state hostage and declared the overthrow of the government. Subsequently, the leader of the presidential guard, Abdurahman Chiani, proclaimed himself the new head of Niger.

Several African countries were prepared to deploy their militaries to intervene in Niger to halt the state coup.

In response, the Niger junta accused France of deploying troops in several West African countries for the purpose of "military intervention." They also called on the French government to recall its ambassador from the country.