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Next iPhone and Mac generations to be equipped with anti-spy displays

Next iPhone and Mac generations to be equipped with anti-spy displays Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

In the American patent office, two interesting applications from Apple were submitted, describing image masking technology on iPhone screens and Mac computers. In this context, it's not just about using special protective coating but also about software limiting image visibility for third parties, according to the MacRumors website, which publishes news related to the Apple company.

The first document, labeled "Privacy Films for Curved Displays," reveals information about a special type of coating that limits the screen's viewing angle by redirecting the backlight.

This method provides a full view of the image only for the smartphone user, appearing excessively dark or blurred for external observers.

The second patent titled "Displays with Adjustable Angles of View" describes technology that allows the device owner to independently adjust the light's dispersion angle.

One variant involves slats similar to blinds that directly guide the light. Another technology involves altering the properties of a liquid crystal element to disable a specific pixel color.

Journalists from The Wall Street Journal note that integrating such technologies into smartphones could partially address the issue of theft. According to the material, criminals often try to peek at the screen unlock password to steal the device and gain access to the owner's personal information and finances.