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Berdiansk Airport after ATACMS strike - New photos

Berdiansk Airport after ATACMS strike - New photos Occupants are relocating equipment from Berdiansk (photo: GettyImages)

In the temporarily occupied city of Berdiansk, satellite imagery has revealed a decrease in the number of helicopters, according to a worker of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI).

Fresh satellite imagery captured on October 19 indicates a reduction in the number of helicopters at the Berdiansk airport. Brady Afrik correlates this decrease with the recent Ukrainian Armed Forces' attack on the airport in Berdiansk.

Strike by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Berdiansk

During the night of October 17, the residents of Berdiansk were shaken by a powerful explosion. In the daytime, it became known that the city's airport, where the occupants had stationed their equipment, had been struck. Subsequently, it was revealed that the attack was carried out with ATAMCS missiles.

The ammunition depot detonated until four in the morning. Several pilots and equipment were casualties of this attack.