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New iPads have feature that has been long awaited for years

New iPads have feature that has been long awaited for years New iPad Pro and iPad Air now display battery cycles in settings (Unsplash)
Author: Maria Kholina

The latest models of Apple iPad Air and iPad Pro are equipped with a new feature called Battery Health in the Settings app, which was previously unavailable on older iPads. It includes parameters that were once limited to iPhone 15 models, according to MacRumors.

Details of innovation

When navigating to Settings, then Battery on the new iPads, a new menu called Battery Health is displayed, listing its condition, maximum capacity, cycle count, and the option of charging optimization with an 80 percent limit.

Users can also view detailed information about when the battery was manufactured and when it was first used.

Code previously found in the beta version of iPadOS 17.5 software referred to the Battery Health menu. It was speculated that it could be restricted on the new iPads from Apple.

Cycle count readings and the ability to more strictly limit charging above 80 percent were previously exclusive features of the iPhone 15 series. They are also not found on older iPhones.

Нові iPad отримали функцію, якої не вистачало на планшетах багато років

Battery status on new iPads (photo: iCulture)

The 80 percent limit differs from the Battery Health feature on previous iPhone models, which intelligently delays charging beyond this number until a more appropriate time, learning the device's daily charging routine.

When the hard 80 percent limit is enabled, the iPad will never charge beyond this percentage, except in rare cases for maintaining accurate battery charge estimates.

Apple claims that reducing the time the battery is fully charged can reduce battery wear and extend its lifespan.