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Netherlands temporarily closes embassy in Iran

Netherlands temporarily closes embassy in Iran Netherlands temporarily closes embassy in Iran (Photo: Getty Images)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands has temporarily closed its embassies in Tehran (Iran) and its consulate in Erbil (Iraq), according to NL Times.

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommended that citizens and residents of the Netherlands postpone all essential and non-essential trips to Israel and the autonomous Kurdistan region in Iraq.

The current "orange" level of danger in both regions indicates that necessary trips are possible, but the ministry decided to actively discourage any travel to the region due to escalating tensions between Iran and Israel.

The country's embassy in Tehran and consulate in Erbil were temporarily closed to visitors.

The ministry also warned of an increased risk of missile attacks in Israel and Iraq, as well as terrorist attacks in both countries, as retaliation by Israel for an airstrike on the Iranian embassy in Syria.

All meetings scheduled at both closed Dutch diplomatic missions will be rescheduled, and participants will be notified of the changes. This mainly affects people applying for visas. The diplomatic missions will continue to perform other functions.

Escalation between Iran and Israel

Recall that on April 1, as a result of a rocket strike on the capital of Syria, the building of the Iranian consulate was completely destroyed. At least seven Iranians, including two generals, were killed.

Iran blamed Israel for the attack and promised a "harsh" response. Israel, in turn, warned Iran that if attacked from its territory, the country would retaliate.

Western media report that Iran is preparing for an attack, which could happen in the coming days. According to CNN, the US is monitoring movements of weapons within Iran.

For more details on the conflict's causes, read the material by RBC-Ukraine.