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Netanyahu announces escalation of military operations in Gaza Strip

Netanyahu announces escalation of military operations in Gaza Strip Photo: Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel (GettyImages)

Izrael intensifies military operations in the Gaza Strip. The war will continue until the complete destruction of the terrorist organization Hamas.

This statement was announced by the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, as reported by RBC-Ukraine, citing his video address.

"Citizens of Israel, we are intensifying military operations in the Gaza Strip. We will continue the war until the complete victory over HAMAS. This is the only way to bring back our kidnapped, destroy Hamas, and ensure that Gaza is no longer a threat to Israel," stated the Israeli Prime Minister.

Netanyahu noted that the war will take time, but the military, the people, and the government are fully determined to fight to the end.

"In war, there is a price, a very heavy price - the lives of our heroic soldiers. We are doing everything to save their lives. But one thing we will not do: we will not stop until we achieve victory," he said.

The war between Israel and Hamas

On October 7, Hamas militants invaded Israeli territory, capturing several settlements and killing peaceful residents. In response, Israel declared the start of Operation Iron Swords and later deployed troops to the Gaza Strip, where Hamas militants were active.

In late November, Israel signed a ceasefire agreement with Hamas, including the release of hostages. The ceasefire lasted until December 1 when the Israel Defense Forces announced the termination of the agreement due to the shelling of Israeli territory by Hamas militants.

The military actions in the Gaza Strip are accompanied by bombings and shelling of cities, resulting in civilian casualties. Several countries have called on Israel to conduct the war against Hamas more cautiously, avoiding the loss of civilian lives. Meanwhile, Netanyahu has stated that international pressure will not stop Israel from continuing the war against Hamas.