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Near coasts of Turkey a ship broke in half due to storm

Near coasts of Turkey a ship broke in half due to storm Illustrative photo (Getty Images)

A dry cargo ship moored at the port of Ereğli near the shores of Turkey has split in half due to a severe storm, according to Anadolu.

A part of the drifting ship collided with the concrete walls of the harbor and damaged the coastal amphitheater. Fire teams from the coast guard arrived in the area on coastguard boats.

The personnel, including 13 foreign citizens on board, were evacuated, and the crews were accommodated in the Teacher's House in Ereğli.

Zonguldak Governor Osman Osman Hacıbektaşoğlu said that a part of the ship, which split in half due to the storm, was washed ashore. He also stated that the evacuated crew of 13 people is in good condition. After some time, the separated part of the ship, around which safety measures were taken by the crew, also hit the shore.

Earlier in the Black Sea, near the Bulgarian Cape Shabla, the ferry Slavyanin, sailing under the flag of Russia, received a hull breach. The ship was transporting railway tanks with liquefied gas.