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Nausėda asked to deprive ballerina Liepa of Lithuanian citizenship for supporting Putin

Nausėda asked to deprive ballerina Liepa of Lithuanian citizenship for supporting Putin Ballerina Ilze Liepa (Photo: Russian media)

President Gitanas Nauseda is asked to strip ballerina Ilze Liepa of her citizenship for publicly supporting Russian dictator Vladimir Putin and Russia's aggression against Ukraine, according to the Lithuanian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to the assessment of Lithuanian authorities, Liepa, through her actions and public statements, poses a threat to the security interests of the Republic of Lithuania and openly expresses support for the aggressor state - the Russian Federation.

By denying and publicly justifying the war that Russia is waging against Ukraine, Liepa openly condemns the Baltic countries for their policies that do not correspond to the interests of the Kremlin regime.

Thus, Liepa expresses apparent support for international crimes committed by the Russian Federation and aggressive foreign policies that pose a threat to Lithuania's national security.

Liepa was granted Lithuanian citizenship in an exceptional procedure in 2000. Therefore, Nauseda is requested to deprive Ilze Liepa of Lithuanian citizenship.


In an interview with the famous Russian YouTube channel "Empathy Manuch," Liepa, who holds both Lithuanian and Russian citizenship, condemned the Baltic countries for their behavior and supported the war against Ukraine.

"I have no doubts about what our president is saying. However, from that side, they say that we are deceived and that the Kremlin has clouded our minds. But this is already everyone's business and everyone's choice. It seems that right now, we all finally and clearly understand that this is a confrontation of our meanings and deep values. Unfortunately, Ukraine has become a bargaining chip, but we have no other way out," the ballerina cynically said.

In Lithuania, citizenship has already been revoked for ties with Russia

Figure skater Margarita Drobiazko was deprived of Lithuanian citizenship in September due to her ties with Russia.

Before this, the Citizenship Commission recommended that the president strip Drobiazko of citizenship.