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NATO maritime exercises Dynamic Manta commence in Mediterranean Sea

NATO maritime exercises Dynamic Manta commence in Mediterranean Sea Photo: NATO's Dynamic Manta naval exercises start in the Mediterranean (

In the Mediterranean Sea near the coast of Sicily, maritime exercises called Dynamic Manta, involving NATO countries, are set to commence this morning, February 26, according to NATO Maritime Command.

Military personnel and ships from Turkey, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States will participate in the annual NATO maritime exercises. Seven submarines, several surface ships, and the aviation of NATO member countries are involved in the exercise.

According to the statement, the goal of the exercise will be to enhance the ability to perform naval tasks including sea control and sea denial, strengthening NATO's collective defense and crisis response capabilities.

It is noted that the Mediterranean Sea, with its complex underwater topography, provides an ideal backdrop for the exercises.

Dynamic Manta training also serves as a platform for testing and strengthening the Alliance's crisis response capabilities. Under the tactical leadership of Rear Admiral Pasquale Esposito, the training aims to demonstrate NATO's readiness to protect its members from any threat.

NATO training

In the first half of 2024, NATO is conducting a series of exercises under the collective codename Steadfast Defender-24. Poland is among the host countries and will accommodate a significant number of soldiers and equipment from allies on its territory.

As part of Steadfast Defender-24, Poland will host national exercises named Dragon-24, involving the armed forces of other countries.

Additionally, we reported that on February 9, aviation exercises led by the United States and allies commenced in the Pacific Ocean, with over 80 aircraft participating. The training center was established on the island of Guam. Throughout the exercises, which lasted until February 23, allied forces took part in medical evacuation drills and personnel and cargo airdrop training.