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NATO jets increase flights to intercept Russian aircraft over Baltic

NATO jets increase flights to intercept Russian aircraft over Baltic Interception of Russian aircraft over the Baltic (
Author: Maria Kholina

Starting in 2024, the frequency of NATO military aviation interceptions of Russian aircraft approaching allied airspace over the Baltic Sea region has increased by 20-25%, according to Reuters.

Reuters' Alliance source declined to specify the exact number of Russian military aviation flights recorded near NATO territory.

However, according to Alliance data obtained at the end of 2023, NATO fighter jets were scrambled more than 300 times to intercept Russian military aircraft. Most incidents occurred specifically over the Baltic Sea.

The source also mentioned that NATO has observed changes in the composition of Russian aircraft detected near Alliance territory. Western pilots now rarely encounter Russian fighters and strategic bombers approaching allied airspace. More frequently, they are spotting reconnaissance or transport aircraft.

The report says that Russian military aircraft have long ceased transmitting transponder codes indicating their location and altitude, do not file flight plans, and do not communicate with air traffic controllers.

Russian presence in the Baltic

Baltic leaders began to massively report active manifestations of Russian aggression back in 2009. At that time, the discussion focused on cyberattacks, mass propaganda, and information warfare.

Since then, the situation has become even more tense, as Russia has systematically conducted various types of aviation flights over the Baltic countries and escalated the conflict with various scandalous anti-Western statements.

The Russian missile ship Serpukhov, which was disabled in the Baltic, was considered for transfer to the Black Sea due to the loss of part of the Black Sea Fleet.