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NATO gives disappointing forecast for war in Ukraine

NATO gives disappointing forecast for war in Ukraine Russia can survive for another 3-4 years in a military economy (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

The war in Ukraine may continue for several more years, and thus NATO countries must be prepared to support Kyiv in the long term, according to a senior NATO official during the summit in Washington.

"Ultimately, we all have to be prepared to continue to support Ukraine well beyond 2025. We all understand very well, and as we have said for a long time, this is not a conflict that is likely to end soon," he said.

According to him, the war in Ukraine will require years of concerted effort, as Russia undoubtedly can endure living under a wartime economy for at least another 3-4 years.

Assessing Russia's ability to transition its economy to a wartime footing, the Alliance official noted that the long-term consequences will be significant and tangible for the Russian economy.

However, for now, Russian society is ready for the proposed way of life.

War in Ukraine

As of the end of May, Kyiv residents remained optimistic about Ukraine's victory in the war, although this optimism has become more restrained. In October 2023, 91% believed in victory, and as of May, this figure was 85%.

Russia's apparent plans for this summer's campaign remain to reach the administrative border of the Donetsk region, hence the enemy continues to exert pressure. However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have the prospects to stop the occupiers in this offensive. More details are available in the RBC-Ukraine coverage.