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Nairobi inferno: Gas explosion kills 3, injures over 270

Nairobi inferno: Gas explosion kills 3, injures over 270 Consequences of the fire (Getty Images)

A truck filled with gas exploded in Kenya's capital Nairobi, causing a large fire that burned homes and warehouses. At least three people died, with more than 270 injured and the number of deaths may increase, according to AP News and Le Monde.

The fire started in the Mradi area of Nairobi's Embakasi neighborhood late at night.

The explosion from the truck created "a huge ball of fire that spread widely", according to government spokesperson Isaac Mwaura.

"A flying gas cylinder hit Oriental Godown, burning down the said godown which deals with garments and textiles," he said on X. "Consequently, the inferno further damaged several vehicles and commercial properties, including many small and medium-sized businesses."

Unfortunately, the homes in the neighborhood were also engulfed in flames, and a significant number of people were indoors when the fire reached them.

Nairobi inferno: Gas explosion kills 3, injures over 270Consequences of the fire (Getty Images)

"We were in the house and heard a huge explosion," James Ngoge, one of the witnesses, said. "The whole building was shaken by a huge tremor, it felt like it was going to collapse."

Photos from the scene show burnt houses and shops. The truck that likely caused the explosion was lying on its side. A residential building nearby had its roof damaged by a flying gas cylinder. Electric wires were on the ground, and the burned-out warehouse only had the shells of trucks left.

Three people were reported dead by the police and Kenya Red Cross so far. The government and Red Cross mentioned that 271 injured people were taken to hospitals.

We also reported explosives stored at a private residence detonated in the Oyo state of Nigeria, resulting in at least two fatalities and numerous injuries.