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Musk mocked Putin's interview with propagandist Carlson

Musk mocked Putin's interview with propagandist Carlson Elon Musk (photo: Getty Images)

Elon Musk mocked Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's historic retreats to American propagandist Tucker Carlson on the social media platform Twitter, according to Elon Musk's position on Twitter.

On his page, Musk posted a meme with excerpts from the interview and a caption in which Carlson purportedly asks Putin why Russia invaded Ukraine. In response to the question, the Russian dictator purportedly began to search for historical parallels.

"I am just coming to that. You see, on May 28th, 2016, a gorilla was shot at the Cincinnati zoo..." Putin stated in a humorous line in the image.

Putin's interview with Carlson

On February 9, an interview with the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin by American propagandist Tucker Carlson was published online. In the interview, the Russian dictator made a series of scandalous statements and once again attempted to justify his full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The Center for Strategic Communications refuted the fake statements from Putin's interview, including claims about neo-Nazism, Lenin and Stalin supposedly creating Ukraine, a civil war, and so on.

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine stated that such an interview could not have been anything other than a special operation. One of Putin's most scandalous accusations was directed at Poland, blaming it for the start of World War II. The Kremlin leader fantasized that Warsaw provoked the leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler because it turned out to be uncooperative.

For more details on what Putin told Carlson in the interview, read the article by RBC-Ukraine.