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Two hours of lies: Ukraine debunks Putin's fakes voiced in interview

Two hours of lies: Ukraine debunks Putin's fakes voiced in interview Russian dictator Vladimir Putin (Getty Images)

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin gave a two-hour interview to American "journalist" Tucker Carlson. The dictator repeated a series of fakes about Ukraine and the aggressive war. Ukraine debunks Putin's fake statements, Center for Strategic Communications reports.

Claim. The goal of the Russian Federation in Ukraine is the "prohibition of all neo-Nazi movements."

The dictator once again reiterated that the goal of the so-called "special operation" in Ukraine is denazification, "prohibition of all neo-Nazi movements." However, he admitted that the goals have not yet been achieved.

"You know, as strange as it may seem to you during the negotiations at Istanbul, we did agree that we have it all in writing. Neo-Nazism would not be cultivated in Ukraine, including that it would be prohibited at the legislative level. Mr. Carlson, we agreed on that. This, it turns out, can be done during the negotiation process. And there's nothing humiliating for Ukraine as a modern, civilized state. Is there any state allowed to promote Nazism? It is not, is it? Oh, that is it," Putin said.

Truth. "Neo-Nazism in Ukraine" is a fabrication of Russian propaganda. Thus, Moscow attempts to present Ukraine as a legitimate target for aggression, terror, and destruction.

Claim. The war could have ended a year and a half ago, but "Ukraine succumbed to Johnson’s demands."

Putin claimed that former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson persuaded Ukraine to continue military actions.

Truth. At the Russian-Ukrainian negotiations in Belarus and Türkiye in February-March 2022, no acceptable result was achieved for the parties. Moscow was pressuring Ukraine to capitulate, but it didn't happen.

Claim. Ukraine was created by Lenin, and then again by Stalin.

The Russian dictator repeated the traditional propaganda fake that Ukraine was supposedly created by Vladimir Lenin. But this time, the dictator added Stalin to Lenin.

"Romania and Hungary had some of their lands taken away and given to the Soviet Ukraine, and they still remain part of Ukraine. So in this sense, we have every reason to affirm that Ukraine is an artificial state that was shaped at Stalin's will," he said.

Truth. The modern Ukrainian state was founded not by Lenin and Stalin, but by the Ukrainian national movement - simultaneously with Poland, Lithuania, Georgia, and even Russia itself as a republic.

Russian Bolsheviks did not create but conquered independent Ukraine, turning it into another Soviet republic.

Claim. There is a "civil war" going on in Ukraine between Russians.

"Ukrainian soldiers get encircled. This is an example from real life. Our soldiers were shouting to them. There is no chance. Surrender yourselves. Come out and you will be alive. Suddenly the Ukrainian soldiers were screaming from there in Russian. Perfect Russian. Saying Russians do not surrender. And all of them perished. They still identify themselves as Russian. What is happening is, to a certain extent, an element of a civil war," the dictator said.

Truth. Many Russians are living in Ukraine and are patriots and defenders of the Ukrainian state. However, Putin's narrative about "persecution of Russians in Ukraine" and "liberation" is used to fuel the war.

Moreover, the phrase "Russians do not surrender" is well-known to people familiar with Russian culture. So it's not surprising that Ukrainian soldiers might choose it to troll Russians.

Claim. The U.S. just needs to "negotiate with Russia" and the war will end.

Putin manipulated the idea that supposedly "Americans have no other things to do." He mentioned the border with Mexico and the U.S. national debt.

"You have nothing better to do. So you should fight in Ukraine. Wouldn't it be better to negotiate with Russia?" the dictator said.

Truth. Russia and Putin regularly violate all agreements and refuse to fulfill international treaties signed by the Russian leadership. By launching a full-scale attack on Ukraine, Russians violated about 400 international agreements.

Putin's propagandistic interview

A large interview of the Russian dictator and American journalist Tucker Carlson was released overnight. Even before the interview was published, it was widely publicized by Russian propaganda. Carlson traveled to Moscow and his visit was also covered by Russian media.

For more details on what Putin told Carlson in the interview, read the story by RBC-Ukraine.