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Most toxic men by zodiac sign: List

Most toxic men by zodiac sign: List Men of which zodiac sign are the most toxic (illustration: Freepik)

While some zodiac signs are empathetic and caring, others are selfish and manipulative, not allowing the girl to take a step without their control.

Collective World discusses which zodiac sign men are toxic partners.


Aries is a dominant and fiery guy who feels the need to always be in control of the situation - including in relationships.

He is prone to venting his disappointment and anger on his partner, especially when things are not going well in his professional life, without hesitating to shout at his significant other. However, Aries expects to be quickly forgiven.

Additionally, Aries' arrogance can be exhausting. When you try to express your emotions or his inability to meet your emotional needs, Aries will accuse you of being demanding and controlling.

Because the Aries zodiac guy may value his ego more than the heart of his loved one, he manipulates events to fit his perceptions and benefit him.


Don't let Cancer's sensitivity fool you; it's one of the most emotionally manipulative signs of the zodiac.

Cancers don't shy away from using guilt trips, silent treatment, mood swings, or passive-aggressive behavior to get what they want.

Primarily, male Cancers understand people well and can anticipate reactions from those around them, so they'll leverage this to their advantage.

They use this tactic to control every aspect of relationships - from who their partner interacts with to what she does and wears.

Despite the fact that Cancers can actually be deeply insecure and afraid of losing their loved ones, this fear manifests in subtle and unhealthy ways.


Establishing an emotional connection with an Aquarius is extremely challenging, and even when he lets you into his soul, it always feels like he's hiding something.

The Aquarius zodiac guy will always choose which sides of himself to show and what to share, believing that there are things better kept to oneself, sometimes to the detriment of his partner.

Moreover, Aquarians need space and alone time for rest and work, which is usually okay, but they require it excessively, without explanations or apologies.

One moment he adores you and makes you feel like the most special person in the world, and the next, he withdraws, making you feel insignificant.

If you try to express your disappointment, he reacts almost impatiently to his partner's emotions, dismissing her feelings. In the stubborn mindset of an Aquarius, he's doing nothing wrong.

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