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Most sensitive zodiac signs: Any little thing will upset them

Most sensitive zodiac signs: Any little thing will upset them What signs of the zodiac are perceived too closely by everyone (collage: RBC-Ukraine)

It is believed that representatives of four zodiac signs react more sharply to criticism and even ordinary events. They are sensitive and can take offense easily. Therefore, they find it harder to make friends and find love.

Which zodiac signs are the most sensitive is detailed by Astrotalk.


Representatives of this zodiac sign are often called scandalous. However, they merely mask their vulnerability under a facade of aggression. Scorpios take offense at trivial matters, yet they strive to remain silent about it to protect themselves from even greater shocks.


People born under this sign are often distinguished by high empathy. They are very emotional and frequently daydream about a better life. If things don't go as they imagined, Pisces can take offense at the whole world. It's easy to hurt their feelings, and they often suffer because of it.


Individuals of this zodiac sign are prone to emotional swings. They enjoy giving advice to others but immediately retreat into their "shell" upon hearing criticism. Cancers can be very sensitive, yet they do everything possible to try to hide it.


They are incredibly sensitive and attentive to details. Therefore, Virgos find it difficult not to take offense, especially when people don't meet their expectations. Individuals of this zodiac sign struggle to control their emotions; they are incredibly strict with themselves and demanding of those around them.

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