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Most magical date of spring: What New Moon will bring us in May

Most magical date of spring: What New Moon will bring us in May New Moon in May 2024 (Photo: Getty Images)

On Wednesday, May 8th, the last spring New Moon will occur. This date will be charged with powerful positive energy and will help you fulfill your deepest desires, achieve your goals, and find solutions to complex tasks.

RBC-Ukraine reveals what awaits us during the New Moon period in May.

Sources used in preparing the material: Astrotalk, Lunar Calendar, Instagram page of astrologer Marina Skadi.

When the New Moon will occur

According to astrologers, May 8th is an important and magical date in the spring of 2024. It is during these days that the energy of wealth and prosperity will prevail. This New Moon will bring all our hidden desires from the subconscious into the real world.

The New Moon will occur on May 8th at 06:22 a.m. Kyiv time in the constellation of Taurus.

"At the moment of the New Moon, there are no tense aspects between planets, and a stellium is forming in Taurus: the White Moon's light, Venus, Uranus, Jupiter, and consequently, the Moon and the Sun. The planets create a very powerful positive energetic background, which will be amplified by the New Moon," explained astrologer Marina Skadi.

What the New Moon will bring in May

Governed by Venus, the New Moon in Taurus is associated with love, beauty, money, relationships, and pleasures.

From April 29th to May 24th, Venus will be transiting through Taurus, providing opportunities to detach from external events, slow down, and simply enjoy life.

Furthermore, the fertile energy from Taurus and Venus will enhance creative, financial, and favorable forces.

Taurus is a thorough and unhurried sign, so it's best not to rush or hasten events. It's better to allow the processes initiated in the coming month to unfold at a natural pace. This will enable you to appreciate what you already have.

What should one do during the New Moon

The New Moon always signifies the beginning of something, so after May 8th and over the following two weeks, it's a good time to start new relationships, launch business projects, move to a new place, settle into a new job, or begin learning a new field or language.

"But it's important not only to 'plant seeds' but also to demonstrate the diligence valued by Taurus," emphasized the astrologer.

The period of the waxing moon from May 9th to May 22nd is an excellent time for planning, setting goals, and considering ways to achieve them. These are also good days for rehabilitation – recovery processes will proceed quickly. You can also receive support, find sponsors, or people willing to help in various ways.

The astrologer also recommends not starting active actions immediately after May 8th, as the energy will still be weak. The best time for energetic and decisive actions will begin around May 14th. Closer to May 23rd (Full Moon), everything will flow easily, and the chances of success will increase.

What not to do during the New Moon

  1. Don't rush with important decisions - carefully consider everything.
  2. Don't dwell on past mistakes.
  3. Avoid gossiping.
  4. Try not to argue or conflict with anyone.
  5. Also, avoid taking risks in any area of life.