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Mistral launchers and missiles: Estonia announces new aid for Ukraine

Mistral launchers and missiles: Estonia announces new aid for Ukraine Photo: Estonia will provide Ukraine with Mistral launchers and missiles (Getty Images)
Author: Daryna Vialko

Estonia announced today, June 11, the transfer of new aid to Ukraine. This time it will be Mistral launchers and missiles for air defense, according to the Estonian Ministry of Defense.

“Ukraine urgently needs air defense to counter Russia's ongoing brutal aggression, and it is in Estonia's security interests to contribute to this cause together with its allies,” said Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur.

Pevkur explained that his country had formed the aid package in such a way that it would be most useful for Ukraine without jeopardizing the combat capability of the Estonian Defense Forces.

The exact amount of aid is not disclosed for security reasons.

Assistance from Estonia

Estonia was one of the first countries to provide assistance to Ukraine. In particular, Ukraine has already received Javelin anti-tank missiles, howitzers, artillery ammunition, anti-tank mines, anti-tank grenade launchers, mortars, vehicles, communications equipment, and field hospitals.

Additionally, Estonia has provided humanitarian aid, such as medical equipment, personal protective equipment, and dry food kits.

Also, Estonia has recently announced that it will contribute another 400,000 euros to the Energy Support Fund for Ukraine.