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Missile attack on Kyiv on December 29: Death toll rises again

Missile attack on Kyiv on December 29: Death toll rises again Missile attack on Kyiv: Death toll rises again (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

The death toll from the missile attack by Russians in Kyiv on December 29 has once again increased. Investigators have identified two more bodies, according to the Kyiv City Military Administration (KCMA).

"Updated data on the consequences of the missile strike on December 29, 2023. During the expertise conducted by criminal investigators of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, two more bodies were identified," the statement from KCMA said.

As of the morning of January 4, based on the investigative actions, the total number of fatalities in Kyiv from the enemy missile strike on December 29 is reported to be 32 people, with 30 people sustaining injuries.

About the shelling of Kyiv on December 29

On December 29, Russian forces launched a massive attack on Ukraine, using around 160 missiles of various types, excluding Kalibr. Over 30 enemy targets were reportedly shot down in the sky over Kyiv.

Initially, 17 casualties were reported. Later, the number of casualties increased to 28 people. There were also reports of 3 fatalities. Subsequently, the number of fatalities began to rapidly rise. On January 1, Kyiv declared a day of mourning.

On January 3, emergency rescue operations in Kyiv that lasted since December 29 were completed. Thirty fatalities were reported.