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Ministry of Energy informed about energy system restoration after Russian shelling

Ministry of Energy informed about energy system restoration after Russian shelling

In Ukraine's energy system, two gigawatts of capacity lost due to damage from Russian shelling last winter have been restored, announces Minister of Energy Herman Halushchenko.

The Minister noted that Ukrainian experts measure the restoration of the energy system in gigawatts.

"I can say that over two gigawatts have already been restored in the energy system. This is not part of planned repairs but rather what was significantly damaged during the past winter," stated Halushchenko.

He explained that during the current winter, with the current temperatures in Ukraine, peak consumption is recorded at up to 18 gigawatts.

"Out of the 18, here are two gigawatts, just for understanding the figures being discussed. However, we plan to increase electricity exports," pointed out the head of the Ministry of Energy.

Halushchenko is convinced that the attacks on the energy system by Russian occupiers were aimed at creating a blackout, freezing Ukrainians, and leaving them without power. According to the minister, the precondition for these attacks was Ukraine's decision to export electricity to Europe during the war.

"The issue with gas is related for Europeans as well - when they have the choice to buy Ukrainian electricity and save on Russian gas, they will always choose Ukrainian electricity," emphasized the minister.

Therefore, according to the official, for Russians, it was also very painful when Ukraine exported electricity because they understood that they were losing money from selling their resources.

"So, we need more capacity. We will work to increase generating capacity," noted Halushchenko.

Restoration of Ukraine's energy system

In October 2022, Russia initiated attacks on Ukraine's energy infrastructure. By December, half of the country's energy system had been disabled due to occupiers' strikes, leading to a state of emergency in the energy sector.

Recently, Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko stated that in the event of Russian occupiers targeting energy facilities during this autumn-winter period, power outages are possible in the country. However, he assured that such blackouts would not be prolonged.

On December 2, Russian aggressors extensively shelled Ukraine with various types of rockets, with the largest assault directed at Kyiv. As a result of the attack, some areas of the city experienced disruptions in electricity and water supply.

For more information on the risks of power outages due to the recent widespread attacks by occupiers on the energy system, read the article by RBC-Ukraine.