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Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine: No illegal arms exports in two years

Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine: No illegal arms exports in two years Photo: Ihor Klymenko, Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (Dmytro Semeniuk, RBC-Ukraine)

During two years of full-scale war in Ukraine, not a single weapon has crossed our country's border illegally, according to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Ihor Klymenko, during the "Ukraine. Year 2024" forum.

"I can say that not a single unit of weaponry (we're talking about illegal ones) has crossed the border between Ukraine and the EU in the two years of full-scale war. This is a colossal effort by our security forces," Klymenko stated.

New security architecture

As Klymenko revealed, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) is currently working on a new security architecture in Ukraine. According to him, the need for security will increase significantly after the war.

"And we know what to do next. We have a clear plan for shaping the security environment in post-war Ukraine," added Klymenko.

Manipulations about alleged leakage of Western weapons from Ukraine

It's worth noting that from time to time, various media outlets publish materials on the possible smuggling of weapons from Ukraine to other countries. Often, such fakes are promoted by Russian propagandists, and manipulative publications sometimes appear in the pages of well-known publications.

For example, earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noticed anti-Ukrainian manipulation in an article in the Financial Times regarding Moldova's alleged concern about increased arms smuggling from Ukraine.

Also, prior to this, Finland uncovered a fake about the alleged smuggling of Ukrainian weapons into their country.

"Ukraine. Year 2024"

As announced by the spokesperson for the President of Ukraine, Serhii Nikiforov, today, February 25, a press conference will be held with the participation of top speakers from the government, military-political leadership, Prime Minister, Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Security Service of Ukraine, Main Intelligence Directorate, Ministry of Strategic Industries, Office of the President, and the President himself.

During the forum, the following topics will be addressed:

  • Development and future of the Ukrainian army.
  • Implementation of modern technologies.
  • Ukraine's accession to the European Union and NATO.