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Military exercises commenced in Georgia with participation of NATO countries and US

Military exercises commenced in Georgia with participation of NATO countries and US Photo: military exercises with the participation of NATO countries and the USA have begun in Georgia (Vitalii Nosach, RBC-Ukraine)

Military exercises Trojan Trail-2024 are underway in Georgia. Over the next two weeks, the armed forces of Georgia, the United States, NATO member countries, and partners will collaborate to enhance cooperation within the global network of partners and allies, according to Georgia Online.

"By participating in the exercises for the third time, Georgia will further strengthen its defense capabilities and operational compatibility with NATO member countries," according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The statement adds, "The exercises are being conducted under the supervision of the US European Command for Special Operations."

The exercises are simultaneously taking place in Greece, Romania, and Georgia. In addition to Georgian and American military personnel, representatives from the United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, and Romania are participating in the maneuvers. Reservists from the Georgian Ministry of Defense's Territorial Defense and volunteers are also joining the exercises.

During the training, military personnel will carry out tasks on land and at sea in Eastern and Western Georgia. According to the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Georgia, the goal of the Trojan Trail is to exchange experiences between countries and enhance the level of combat readiness.

Military exercises Dragon-24 are commencing in Poland as part of NATO maneuvers under the name Steadfast Defender-24. Within these maneuvers, Poland is organizing its own national exercises, Dragon-24. Among the participants, in addition to Polish military personnel, there will be representatives from Spain, the United Kingdom, Turkiye, and Albania. In total, about 20,000 soldiers and 3,500 pieces of equipment from 10 NATO member countries will participate in these exercises.

"In addition to military actions in the specified areas, combat operations in cyberspace will also be conducted," notes the General Command.

The Dragon-24 exercises will test the readiness of the Polish Armed Forces to respond to a potential multidimensional crisis of an armed nature. Specifically, the main forces participating in the exercises will include the 11th Lubusz Armored Cavalry Division, Special Forces, Air Force, Navy, and Territorial Defense.