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Poland commenced military exercises Dragon-24

Poland commenced military exercises Dragon-24 Photo: Poland started military exercises (

Military exercises Dragon-24 are commencing in Poland as part of NATO's Steadfast Defender-24 maneuvers, reports PAP.

Within the NATO maneuvers, Poland is organizing its own national exercises called Dragon-24. In addition to Polish military personnel, soldiers from Spain, the United Kingdom, Turkiye, and Albania will participate. Approximately 20,000 soldiers and 3,500 pieces of equipment from 10 NATO countries will be involved.

"They will be tested for interaction and the execution of combat tasks on land, in the air, and at sea. In addition to military actions in these areas, combat operations will also be conducted in cyberspace," reported the General Command.

The Dragon-24 exercises will serve as a test of the Polish Armed Forces' ability to respond to a potential multidimensional armed crisis.

As noted, the main forces of the Polish army participating in the exercises will include the 11th Lubusz Armored Cavalry Division, soldiers from Special Forces, the Air Force, the Navy, and Territorial Defense.

About the NATO Steadfast Defender exercise

The Steadfast Defender exercise will continue until the end of May, spanning from the Atlantic to the eastern flank of NATO, following a scenario of conflict with a "peer adversary in strength." The exercise will involve 90,000 participants, including:

  • Soldiers from all NATO member countries and Sweden;
  • 50 military ships;
  • 80 aircraft;
  • 1,100 combat vehicles.

In the statement from the General Command, it was asserted that such exercises are "a demonstration of the Alliance's defense capabilities and those of its member states" and are "not directed against any specific country."

It is worth noting that military exercises will commence in Kyiv's Darnytskyi district on February 26. Local residents are urged not to capture or share the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on social media. It is specified that the next three days will involve training with the participation of defense units in Kyiv. The Darnytskyi District State Administration has informed that personnel, military equipment, and weapons will be involved in the exercises. The objective of the training is to "enhance combat skills during the preparation and conduct of a defensive operation."