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Meteorite fell in Türkiye: video

Meteorite fell in Türkiye: video Photo: Meteorite fell in Türkiye (Getty Images)

In southern Türkiye, a meteorite impact was recorded. The event occurred on Saturday, September 2, at around 20:15, informs Sabah.

According to the media, the meteorite impact could be seen from Malatya, Erzurum, Elazig, Gaziantep, and surrounding provinces. According to eyewitnesses, at the moment of impact, the glow of the cosmic body illuminated the night streets.

"At the moment of the meteorite's fall, it broke into pieces, and the sky lit up with blue light," the media writes.

It is reported that as of now, rescuers and the police are searching for the meteorite's impact site as well as possible fragments. However, experts do not rule out the possibility that the meteorite may have completely burned up upon entering the Earth's atmosphere.

Meteorite impacts

Earlier in Canada, a meteorite struck a private house, penetrated its roof, and landed in a resident's bedroom. The woman was not harmed.

Furthermore, it was reported that a meteorite passed over Norway. Experts believe it fell in a wooded area known as Finnmark, approximately 60 km west of Oslo.