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Messi in the USA, F1 Tale with Keanu Reeves, Beckham's Journey: Festive sports series

Messi in the USA, F1 Tale with Keanu Reeves, Beckham's Journey: Festive sports series Photo: Michael Schumacher and Ross Braun - magicians of Formula 1 (

Sports fans during the Christmas and New Year period will have the opportunity to focus on multi-episode series about their favorite athletes and teams – eight-time "Golden Ball" winner Lionel Messi, legendary racing champion Michael Schumacher, and others. A brief overview of the most notable sports series of 2023 is featured in the selection by RBC.

"Being Michael Schumacher"

Schumacher. Geschichte einer Ikone, ARD Mediathek, documentary, 5 episodes

Sports have long become a matter of millions. However, only a few names have become synonymous with greatness. Pelé, Diego Maradona, and, of course, Michael Schumacher. The German racer is a synonym for "speed" for several generations of Formula 1 fans and beyond. His tragic injury on a ski resort and life behind closed doors cannot leave anyone indifferent.

The Documentary series coincides with the 10th anniversary of the incident in the Alps. It portrays a different Schumacher – a natural-born leader who dominated all racing series he entered and, at the same time, an ordinary person. Rare family videos in the series serve as evidence, along with intriguing reflections from Ralf, Michael's son Mick, and Michael himself.

"Super League: The War for Football"

Apple TV+, documentary, 4 episodes

The series, premiered in January, unexpectedly regains relevance. The EU court has granted the lawsuit of the ambitious creators of the football Super League against FIFA and UEFA. The two leading organizations in world football are now labeled as unsportsmanlike competitors, while Florentino Perez and Joan Laporta are plotting the launch of the elite project in just two years.

The documentary series revisits the tumultuous 2021 when a dozen arrogant clubs announced the launch of the Super League. A compelling retrospective of the failed rebellion. However, it now seems that a new uprising for the sake of new wealth is not far off. So, it's timely to recall the positions of league executives, club owners, and architects of the football Super League.


Netflix, fictional, 8 episodes

Tired of European and North American sports life, attention turns to Japanese drama. This fictional series tells the story of a typical troublemaker in Japan, whose uniqueness the society can't comprehend. The tough delinquent unexpectedly starts practicing sumo, turning perceptions of martial arts upside down.

He challenged the norms, faced opposition from opponents and fans, but constant self-improvement and innate charisma win the hearts of viewers. The guy takes on leading roles on a planetary scale. Modern sumo is a blend of martial arts, tradition, business, and entertainment. It promises to be intriguing.


Netflix, documentary, 4 episodes

The mini-series, which became a viral meme in the first days after its premiere. David Beckham is a herald of the 21st century in the football world. He became a pop idol when the English Premier League was just ascending to the undisputed top status globally. The iconic midfielder became a role model for future football business projects, akin to Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.

However, the path to worldwide fame for the blond Englishman from an ordinary family was tumultuous. Yet, this star athlete successfully 'conquered' this challenging route in a four-part documentary series. Britain, Spain, the United States, Italy, France. The guy from a regular London suburb emerged as an icon of style and culture for the entire planet. Was football just a stepping stone to this?..

"Messi Meets America"

Apple TV+, documentary, 6 episodes

In the football world, the migration of stars across the ocean is often perceived as veterans trying to squeeze out some green from trusting Americans. So, Lionel Messi went to the USA, ostensibly to earn a comfortable retirement. Indeed, 'Inter Miami,' MLS, and sponsors were generous, reportedly offering around $60 million for the Argentine to play here.

But the spirit of capitalism from the States persists. Yes, the world champion will get significantly richer, but Americans will also earn a lot from him. These documentary series serve as evidence. Messi has caused record attendance, rapid ticket sales, and triumph in the first half-season. Messi-mania is a two-sided coin. And it seems that everyone is not only thrilled by it but also 'in the black.'

"Brawn: The Impossible Formula 1 Story"

Hulu, documentary, 4 episodes

The 2009 Formula 1 season is a special memory for every fan. Created by Ross Brawn from the remnants of the 'Honda' team, the British 'Brawn' team then delivered a real fairy tale. Bought by the renowned engineer for a symbolic 1 pound, the organization miraculously appeared in the peloton three weeks before the start of the season.

Amid financial troubles, 'Brawn' created a sensation in its debut race, securing a one-two finish with Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello. Although a quarter of the staff had to be laid off to save costs after the Australian Grand Prix, the new team continued to rewrite the history of F1. Keanu Reeves will narrate the story of this fantastic year of sensational titles in a nostalgic atmosphere.